Equipment Maintenance and Service Repair

Nitric Oxide Systems

CRC Service technicians are factory trained to perform repairs, routine maintenance, as well as preventative maintenance, on Sievers/Ionics/GE NOA instruments, including 270 NOA, 280 NOA, and 280i NOA. This service is performed in the customer's facility, at their convenience. On-site service is available for non-Service Contract customers, or may be returned to CRC for in-house repair. We also offer a full line of parts, glassware, and fittings for all application needs.

Pulmonary Function & Spirometry

We have over 25 years experience in Pulmonary Function testing and equipment service. If you require service on your existing Pulmonary Function equipment, please contact our office. We currently offer on-site service on several models of PFT equipment, including; WE Collins, S&M Keystone, Cosmed, and Sensormedics. Please call for an estimate.