Respiratory Products


Electronic Peak Flow & FEV1 Meter

PiKo-1 Measures peak flow and FEV1, considered by many asthma specialists to be a more reliable indicator of an impending asthma attack.

Recognized as the Best Over-the-Counter and Self Care Product at the US Medical Design Excellence Awards in 2003, PiKo-1 is more accurate in the measurement of peak flow than mechanical peak flow meters and is ATS/EU scale compliant.

Anti-Static Aerosol Holding Chamber

Anti-Static Aerosol Holding Chamber

The revolutionary design of the new Anti-static Aerosol Holding Chamber has been proven in a recent independent study to yield better dose delivery characteristics than other like Holding Chambers.

Spire Health’s Anti-Static Pocket Chamber maintains the effectiveness of MDI chambers twice its size with the advantage of being a truly pocket-sized device. It features a highly sensitive one-way silicone valve to prevent inadvertent exhalation into the chamber and a whistle alarm to alert patients when the optimum inspiratory rate is exceeded.*

Pocket Peak

Mechanical Peak Flow Meter
Pocket Peak - Mechanical Peak Flow Meter

The small, light-weight, and easy to use Pocket Peak is manufactured to tight tolerances with rugged polymer construction. Pocket Peak complies with the latest EU standards for peak expiratory flow measurement.

As a part of our family of asthma and disease management products, the precision engineered Pocket Peak embodies years of dedication to advancing the quality of lung health. We continue redefining patient care so that you can achieve improved patient outcomes, more efficiently, more profitably.