Spirometry Equipment

KoKo PFT only

KoKo Trek is a Basic Function PC-Based Spirometer utilizing the same clinically proven fleisch-type pneumotachometer as the KoKo PFT but with a simplified user interface.

Portable Office Spirometer

KoKo Legend

KoKo® Legend redefines accuracy through technology and simplicity. Legend’s intuitive color touch screen monitor quickly walks both patient and physician through standard testing procedures delivering superior patient test results. Legend’s robust design endures the rigors of travelling from office to office or wherever your patient needs to be tested.

  • Incentive Graphics. Real-time graphic displays assist patients throughout spirometry testing encouraging complete testing results.
  • Large Storage Capacity. Each memory card stores over 750 patients with up to 8 studies per patient.
  • Printing Options. Choose from Legend’s built-in thermal printer or opt for direct USB connection for 8 1/2” x 11” or A4 printing.
  • KoKo PFT Software. Optional software with customizable reporting, for long-term trending of patient data.
  • Battery Operation. Rechargeable battery allows you to bring the KoKo Legend from room to room or across town.
  • Merlin™ networking & connectivity is fully compatible with the majority of electronic medical records systems (EMR) and hospital information networks via the KoKo PFT software.

KoKo PFT Spirometer with Built-In Dosimeter

The KoKo DigiDoser incorporates automated dosimetry into the KoKo PFT Spirometer, reducing patient testing time and associated expenses, making challenge testing a valuable component when diagnosing lung disease. For over a decade KoKo Spirometers have proven successful in diagnostic laboratories worldwide.

  • ATM (automated testing methods) provides precise construction of dose response curves, and conclusive calculation of delivered aerosol volumes.
  • User-definable software allows for controlled protocol staging, alarms, and dose delivery.
  • Graphic flow/volume tracking of patient respiratory cycle. Worksheets and results can be viewed at any stage of the testing process.
  • View dosing intervals and lung volumes easily with on-screen highlighting.
  • Merlin™ networking and connectivity is fully compatible with the majority of electronic medical record systems (EMR) and hospital information systems (HIS).

If no printed report is needed: Micro/Micro Plus

Micro Plus

These low cost, dependable spirometers provide accurate testing for clinical trials, Asthma clinics and the assessment of COPD and other pulmonary diseases. The digital volume transducer may be cold liquid sterilized and inherently accurate transducer does not need frequent calibration. The Micro measures FVC and FEV; the MicroPlus measures FVC, FEVI, PEF and FEV1%.

If a printed report is required, but Pre/Post Bronchodilation is never performed: Micro GP/DL


The Micro GP provides full 8 1/2" x 11" printed reports with F-V and V-T graphs. It meets all ATS compliance requirements, and displays actual and percent of predicted. Parameters include FVC, FEVI, PEF, FEV%, FEF50, FEF 25 MEF AND FET. Serial output supports H-P inkjet printers.

The Micro DL functions like the MicroGP, with the addition of data storage of up to 500 patients. The Data Storage feature is convenient in clinic situations where reports are not required immediately. Spida software is included, allowing data to download to a PC for database retrieval and trend analysis.

If you need Pre/Post Bronchodilation: MicroLoop/MicroLab

MicroLoop MicroLoop

The MicroLoop and MicroLab are designed for the Pulmonary specialist. The digital volume transducer has been validated in numerous research trials and is currently being used to collect research data in several large studies.

All test graphics and data are clearly displayed on the large LCD. Test effort QC comments are displayed at the conclusion of each maneuver, and effort reproducibility is given as a percentage. Report format is User-configurable, with interpretation and patient Lung Age available. The MicroLoop generates an 8 1/2" X 11" report when connected to an H-P inkjet printer. The MicroLab has a built-in printer, but also may print reports to an H-P inkjet printer.

Both Spirometers will store up to 1000 patient test with full graphics. This data may be downloaded to a PC with optional Spida software. A full Two-year warranty covers both spirometer models.